April Fool's Pranks?

Jillian Marchewka
Happy April Fool's Day! Did you pull any pranks today at your dealership on customers, employees, etc? For me I pulled two pranks: 1.) When our F&I manager was on lunch I suck into his office and took a screenshot of his desktop, hid his icons, and hid the "Start" bar. Then I covered up the laser on his optical mouse with tape... It was PRICELESS! He kept restarting his computer, and couldn't get it to "work." When he called our IT company I faxed him a "APRIL FOOL'S!" message and he was laughing so hard! 2.) On Facebook I played a prank on our customers by posting a pretty awesomely photoshopped picture of a 1983 DeLorean in front of our dealership saying that we just "traded it." I included a link to "Check out the specs" on our website that went to a page that says "April Fool's! We didn't get a DeLorean in, but we sure did have you fooled!" -- So far the response has been pretty great... A lot of Likes, Shares, and website Click-Thrus. Check out our DeLorean prank here: http://www.facebook.com/thorntonautomotive Any other pranksters out there?
Lauren Moses
Ha! I have been at it all day, To be fair though, the one I've been pranking deserved every bit of it.... 1.) I put a TON of stickers all over his car. He has put about 6 different ones on my car over the last few months so I just went overboard and put any I could find on his car. He wasn't distracted near long enough because I had another 30 stickers to go...However I think I got about 15 to 20 on there. The others will have to wait til another time. 2.) I snapped a quick picture of him walking away when he wasn't looking and then put words on it reading. "Call for a good time" with his phone number underneath and sent it to our salesman to send to him and say he saw it on facebook. I didn't actually post it on facebook but I did also give it to one of our sevice techs to send to him and text him about a "good time" 3.) This one is yet to be done, however my husband is a forester for our local papermill and had some older flagging tape that I have about 17 rolls I am going to put to good use...*insert evil laugh*
Jason Stum
This BMW dealership in New Zealand wins the best April Fools Gag that Wasn't a Gag: https://gma.yahoo.com/april-fools-day-bluff-lands-zealand-woman-bmw-175311821--abc-news-personal-finance.html Responding to an April Fools ad in the local paper, a customer swaps her 15 year old station wagon for a brand new BMW 1 Series. And of course the dealership is getting a TON of international exposure. Would you be willing to try a stunt like this for April Fools Day 2016?
Dave Leger
Jillian... I have to say, some very awesome photoshop work indeed.

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