Are Mobile Apps Still A Thing?

Derrick Woolfson

Does anyone else have a mobile app? If so, do you have any success with it? 

Victoria Dillabough

For your website? Or CRM? 

Derrick Woolfson

For your website

Bart Wilson

And how will progressive web apps impact this?  I think they are the solution to some of the problems with an app.

Chris K Leslie

Our OEM sites push their apps so hard that it really wouldnt make sense for us to keep one.

Brody Dezember

I think mobile apps are one of THE BIGGEST opportunities dealerships have.  The problem is the work it takes to get them downloaded and customers registered.  Good mobile apps can use geofencing for push notifications and they can also do push notifications for specific model buy backs.  They can also help on referrals as well as loyalty.  Down the road they will be able to locate specific vehicle locations on lots as well welcome service customers as they arrive in the service department.  In the end, mobile apps for your dealership should not be thought as the same as the OEM app.  They should work in lock step with them OEM app.

Again, apps don't work unless they have downloads which is currently my stores biggest issue.

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