Are You Capturing Live Leads With Text Marketing?

Marc House
TextMedia has a program for auto dealers allowing for delivery of photos, video and vehicle info when buyers text in. Works on any phone, no app required. My question is, how best to reach internet managers and dealer personnel to educate them about this powerful and inexpensive program. We have a few dealers here in St. Louis using the program, but it's been tough reaching the right people at dealerships to present our service to. Any suggestions from the community on DrivingSales? Any suggestions welcomed and appreciated!
Grant Gooley
Sounds like a great idea! I think this service will take time before it really starts to populate. I know every teenager in North America seems to text as a major way of communication. That being said, its only time before these kids are buying cars and texting in to get a quote or set up a meeting.
Marc House
Thanks for your comment Grant! Actually we've got this program implemented with some great success at local dealers here in St. Louis - several use it on the lot, prompting people who don't yet want to discuss with a salesperson to text in for more vehicle information and pictures (as well as the sales contact) Another is using it in radio spots, prompting people to text in for info on the newest VW model, and have averaged 10-15 texts in per day with several test drives scheduled. Others use it in classified vehicle and print ads, extending the information the ad delivers - and the best part is, you know who's looking and interested in a vehicle and the info is presented in a non-obtrusive way. Still others are using it as a way to deliver oil change reminders and coupons, seasonal service promotions, etc. More than just teeneagers are using text as a primary method of communication - text messages have surpassed phone calls on mobile devices several quarters in a row now believe it or not! The benefit to having potential buyers text in, is that the salesperson can text back a soft response to answer any questions.

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