Are you getting a head start on Black Friday Specials?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

Are any of you getting a jump on Black Friday deals for your customers? If so, what are you doing?  I know at my CDJR store we are really pushing the Employee pricing that is going on right now and same with big savings on our GMC Sierra trucks. Happy selling the next few weeks!






Chris K Leslie

I feel like this is the first year we've been a little behind. But It also feels like there isn't a huge push either. 

Martins Ville

I think consumers are getting tired of the hype. Let's all admit the truth.... Dealers never sell for less during this event. Any real savings are from any extra incentives the mfg offers during this time. I'm starting to feel sleezy.

Martins Ville

Also it's time sales managers stop selling us the hype. 

Drew Bettiol

I just feel like it in years past there was more of a stress on "lets take advantage of Black Friday Shoppers" They feel like there's some kind of key market to tap into even though I don't ever see an uptick of sales on Black Friday for automotive. I am doing my best to market what we do have on sale and that's about all I feel like I can do at this point.

Bryant Gibby

I with you on this one @Drew... I always felt like there was way too much hype and expectations for Black Friday weekend. I actually compared that weekend to other November weekends pretty regularly. At our 2 stores, it remained flat most years and we actually dipped down in other years. I recommend you save your marketing dollars and just ride the coat tails of the manufacturers. 

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