Are you tracking everyting?

Drew Bettiol

Are you tracking every piece of digital marketing you are doing at the dealership to determine if the ROI is there? Make sure Google Analytics are set up!

Bart Wilson


Sounds like you're speaking from personal experience.

Here is another question to pile on.  SHOULD you be tracking everything?

Derrick Woolfson

@Drew, yes - all marketing campaigns were tracked in GA. We could see spikes of traffic from having sent the email blast. That said, we limited it to two email campaigns a month to the same customer base. Now, one of the things you should track, which is not a campaign, is the "referral" traffic. That is your CRM. For example, every time we included a link in our email correspondence from the CRM you could see in GA that the CRM was a top traffic referral other than organic & paid. This is very important because it shows whether or not your customers are engaging with your correspondence. As for the links in the CRM email, we followed the DS training guide, which is sending three units in each email. This worked extremely well for us! 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, when it comes to tracking all marketing, one of the things we did was use tracking lines. We had local tracking lines for each sort of campaign. That said, if we got in-bound phone calls on those lines we knew that the campaign was gaining traction. If that customer sold then we knew that the campaign had a direct impact/correlation to the sale. Especially if the customer had not otherwise purchased a car from us previously. 

John Goll

curious to know if you've used the "store visits" report that google offers. It's a great way to analyze your return on ad spend.

Drew Bettiol

@Bart   I am speaking from personal experience just because I'm constantly having to "cover my tail" UTM coding has been my best friend along with analytics

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