Are you using a Search Bar on your website?

Evan Brown
I'm currently looking into installing a search bar on the homepage of my website and I wanted to know if anyone out their is doing this? My hope is to have a fast way for shoppers to search my inventory. All I've found so far is "swiftype".. Does anyone have any examples or vendors to suggest?
Cody Jerry
All of the major automotive website providers have them. However, for your CMS, I'm not sure what would be compatible. I would suggest messaging them to ask who they would suggest.
Carl Maeda
We have a search bar on our websites: If you make it prominent, people do use it. Whatever vendor you choose, make sure you test it out by conducting a few searches. Test model-level searches like "Camry" And color, like "White Camry" Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions. Thank you
Cody Jerry
I forgot that point, Carl lol. People definitely use search bars. We've run surveys (iprospect) on our clients sites in the past, and we typically see 60-80% of the people respond with "I know what vehicle I want, and I just want to see prices / availability." Giving them a search bar speeds up this process. I would 100% suggest messaging Carl. He analyzes everything about his websites, and has piles of data to back up his points.
Carl Maeda
Thank you, Cody.
Evan Brown
Our site provider is Glovebox.. I'm going to ask them today about what options they have - I'll post my results later today. Carl, that search bar is excellent on your site. Is is made by autofusion? Can you track and analyze what percentage of visitors use the search bar? Any way to track the customers bounce rate when using the search bar? Great site by the way.

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