Are you using a Trade Tool on your site?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

Are you using a Trade tool for shoppers to value their trade instantly? If so, how is it preforming for you?

Derrick Woolfson

We used AutoTrader in my last group, and it worked well. I liked the fact that it was a company customers valued, and the appraisal (or estimate) was based solely on the information they entered. So if the customer was upset with the initial value it gave us the ability to build value in that we have to "finalize" the appraisal. And the only way to do that is if we see the vehicle. 


Derrick Woolfson

I have also heard very good things about TradePending. But have not personally used them. 

Chris K Leslie

I’m using trade pending at one store and true cars new product for another. 

Drew Bettiol

We added eAutoAppraise to ours and I'm very intrigued how this tool will help capture more leads since shoppers have the ability to "value their trade in 10 seconds or less" I have also heard great reviews from TradePending as well. We just went with what was PAP fund eligible through Chrysler.

Bart Wilson

Anyone have stats they'd be willing to share?

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