Are you using Facebook to bring in business?

Jared Hamilton
Im just wondering if you, or someone you know is testing out ways to bring in business on Facebook and what types of results you are getting. Id like to hear about what is working and what isnt... I know of a few stores using it and just looking for some additional idea. All thoughts welcome: from the basic to the advanced.
Matt Watson
Facebook will soon including vehicle listings powered by This should help generate some more traffic for dealers. I think the idea of creating public events that everyone can see on Facebook about special sales and stuff is a good idea.
Jared Hamilton
The other day I noticed a couple facebook friends of mine had become "fans" of particular dealerships. I thought it was smart and made me wonder what tangible results, if any, had come of the effort. I read an announcement about the oodle facebook deal on techcrunch last month but didnt put much thought into the automotive classified section(stupid me, wasn't thinking). ... assifieds/ Has anything good come out of the oodle myspace relationship? Any experience with
Shane Hambly
Yes. Using their PPC model to promote used cars with Price/Payment ads for target demographic vehicles. Example: 2006 Pontiac G5 Wave From $9995! Bi-weekly $79 $0 down over 200 in stock! Priced to clear! Show pic of vehicle. Works well as a traffic driver, coversions are not as strong. Why? People looking through pictures of their friends or trying to find ms/mr right may be enticed by the ad but may not be in the buying cycle vs. someone using a search engine to find information on a specific used/new car. The idea of a dealership having fans or friends is mixed IMO. It could backfire BIG TIME if you have disgruntled customers who decide to rip you one. In my opinion if your dealership sponsors a car club, community event, baseball team, charity event, set up a group for that. Negative feedback (if any) would be overlooked due to the positive nature of your group.
Jared Hamilton
Agree that there is big risk if your customer (s) decide to rip you, but ... wouldn't it happen anyhow? Your customers already have facebook accounts, regardless of weather or not you are connected to them. So by being connected or having built a group you at least have the upside of all the positive engagement and can proactively play defense if they rip you. Isnt the alternative is not being involved and getting ripped anyway? Love the thoughts, but not being involved doesn't seem like the best solution. I say get involved and stay on top of the comments, it takes work, and may sting from time to time, but the benefits are too big to avoid.
Eric Miltsch
I've used FB for a while now. This is a pure branding play IMO; not expecting to sell vehicles. (although we actually did) Don't expect high CR's from the marketplace ads. Our CR's are up to 30% lower than our site average. The ads will drive a lot of traffic - but I do recommend changing them up frequently and making them more "emotional" than most ads. (Credit plays, new(er) vehicles, etc) Keep in mind, the fastest growing segments on FB are the 35+ age groups; total users is over 150 million and its still growing. Its very easy to create a (free) presence - make a group, create a fan page and feed your blog. IE: ... used_cars/ If you're worried about negative comments, then you have bigger issues to deal with at the showroom level. Communicate the importance of top level value b/c of your dealership's exposure and presence online; don't giv

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