Auto Responders Necessary?

Craig Waikem
If we can get a quality response out within 15 minutes on our internet leads, should we just eliminate our Auto Responder?
Bryan Armstrong
Absolutely! Most Autoresponses are seen for being just that and are hugely discounted by the customer anyway.
Craig Waikem
I watched some of the DSUniversity classes today and they brought up a good point. If you keep the auto responder, have it include 1. Directions 2. Your online reviews 3. Phone Number 4. Links, links, links... All good ways to improve the Auto Responder, but not sure if customers want them. That's what gots me thinking, update my auto responder or just eliminate it.
Craig Waikem
Wow, looks like my grammar goes to the %@#!&@$ after 11pm.
Jared Hamilton
Craig - Make the auto responder a receipt or eliminate it. (except during closed hours, for sure use an auto responder then) Think of buying something on amazon or google checkout, as soon as you input your info and click submit you have confirmation of your action in your inbox. Auto responders are not great to communicate a "sales pitch" to you customers but can be useful "receipts" if they are super short and to the point. (if a customer hits send and nothing happens, they may feel like something is wrong and their request went into the internet black box to be lost forever) Honestly, I generally HATE auto responders. Unless they are quick receipt... and yes, if I dont get that I usually think something is wrong. Dont make the mistake of having some huge "here is why we are such a good dealer" dissertation. Nobody will read it. Here's a short, good, example: Craig, This email is to let you know we received your request for F150 information. One of our Ford Pros will be getting back to you as fast as humanly possible. (we don't like to wait long either). In the mean time you can check out: Link Link Thanks - my ford store Dont be afraid to put personality into it, nobody like communicating with someone boring... even if that someone is an auto responding robot.
Larry Schlagheck
All good points, and Jared's "receipt" example is spot on (a little Brit lingo for ya'll). I would add that the "receipt" should include FOCUSED contact information for a store official in the sign-off. Give the customer the name and number of the Internet Mgr. or SM. This way if something falls through the cracks (I know this would never happen at YOUR store) the customer has a specific contact and, at the same time, he/she feels like they're in the circle of friendship at your dealership.

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