Automatic Reply: CarGurus is happy to assist in your cancellation!

Dan Sayer
Thought I would share. It's one of those *face in palms* *sad trombone* "C'mon man!" moments. In full disclosure, we have had some luck with CarGurus leads in certain markets but are moving marketing dollars around to try other vendors. This isn't a bash of their product, just their process. I sent in a cancellation request and got the following auto-responder back: "Subject: Automatic reply: CarGurus Cancellation Sorry to see you go! Thank you for submitting a written notice to cancel your CarGurus subscription. We have received this request and will process your cancelation, followed by sending out your final invoice. Your business has been much appreciated and we hope to work with you again soon. Sincerely, Sam Zales President International & Dealer Operations" I guess that I was expecting a better effort to keep us on-board...not that I would have, but I can be swayed! I've made mistakes trying to cut a vendor before only to find out that we were the issue or it was user or integration error. If I can quit that easy, it really makes you wonder if it was a good fit to begin with! Have a great day!
Jesse Peterson
They won't let you go that easy. My rep diligently followed up on a consistent basis and then magically my leads went up (albeit the shi$$y free ones)-which was part of the plan. I actually ended up going back on in part because of their follow up
mark rask
Auto reply for a cancellation.....I cant believe it
Mark Hoffman
Wow, that's pretty shoddy business on their part. Customer acquisition costs are probably reasonably high for them, so retention should be their focus. To send an auto-responder on a cancellation just says "We don't care". Which is surprising, because I've seen many dealers have a lot of success with CarGurus, depending on their region. I would have thought they would try harder.
Sam Zales
Thank you for your feedback, Dan, it is much appreciated. First of all, the tone of the communication you received wasn't appropriate and we have changed the copy-my apologies. Second, we never like to lose a client, but we do aim to be responsive to our customers’ requests. You will receive a follow on call from a member of our Dealer Relations team, and we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can continue to drive car buyers to you dealership. The rate of attrition among our customers is exceptionally low even at a base of more than 11,000 clients overall, and we find that most dealers that cancel do decide to return because we offer such extraordinary value. We hope you will choose to do the same.
Dan Sayer
Sam, Thank you for your reply. Andrew reached out to me by email and phone on the 3rd but was unable to connect with me as I was closing out the month for the stores. I appreciate your attention to my concern and look forward to speaking with Andrew later this month. As I said, my issue was more with your response to an attrition rather than the overall quality of your product. Thanks again.

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