Automotive Accessory sales Rep

Vic Austin
Does anyone have a definitive answer on why a dealership should employee an Accessory Sales Rep?
Bart Wilson
We employed one for a couple of reasons. 1. They were a product expert and knew more about lift kits, etc., than a salesperson. 2. Accountability. Ours was employed by service and they could coordinate with the shop to get things installed. It took the burden off the salesperson and they could focus on the next sales instead of following up the last one. The only problem I saw was because the sales department had no control of accessory gross and wasn't paid a percentage it was a constant battle to get them introduced to the Accessory Manager.
Bryant Gibby
Well, you can tell from my post the other day that I'm not a huge fan of having an accessories manager. However, they are a necessary evil for larger dealerships. People love accessories and you have to have someone in place to make sure all that stuff gets handled. Salespeople can sell accessories on their own deals, but if there isn't someone there to make sure that everything gets handled as promised, it makes the dealership look bad. Also, there really is a ton of stuff to know about accessories and you need someone available to be able to have an educated conversation with your customers. With all that said, I still wish we didn't have to employ one at our dealership!
Ashley Poag
Vic Bryant makes some excellent points. If you have trained every personnel in the dealership about they roll in the accessories process and they execute then accessories manager is not a must. We've seen dealerships that do have what we call an accessories champion there is more accountability and standardization in the process. But, for smaller dealerships we see that a dedicated sales team can have just as much success. You should check out these blog articles. They are specific examples of both and general information on accessories profit centers. I think it would be helpful to answering your question. (Be sure to check out the updated case study it tells how they did without their accessories manager) (This guy is one of the best accessories managers well over 1 million in sales) (this is just general blog post about what to look for in an accessories champion) Hope this helps!

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