Autotrader partners with MSN Autos to provide online vehicle shopping info

Chris K Leslie

"Beginning today, MSN Autos users shopping for vehicles in the U.S. will see search results provided by Autotrader.

Autotrader is partnering with MSN to provide new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles on the MSN Autos website.

Users who enter make and model information into the MSN website will now be sent to search results page branded with both companies’ logos to view matching listings, Autotrader said in a statement today.

“MSN Autos inventory listings powered by Autotrader will increase the breadth of Autotrader’s audience and help deliver on our mission of enabling dealers to connect with in-market shoppers who are searching for their perfect match,” Jessica Stafford, vice president of marketing for Cox Automotive, said in a statement. Autotrader is a subsidiary of Cox."


I will bet real money that the additional numbers are going to be tracked in the dealer dashboard for SRP and VDP's. Run your reports and keep an eye on spikes in your AT dashboards. 

Could also be a reason why AT wants to raise rates again this year.. 

Do you guys think this helps or hurts Autotrader? 

Bob Parrish

Autotrader and the rest of the Cox Automotive subsidiaries and becoming, (if they aren't already) the Google of cars.  The amount of collected, managed and offered for sale is immense.  This can only help them.  And because of the increased exposure, it will give them justification to raise their rates as well.  


Chris K Leslie

I agree with you Bob.. 

I am predicting that within 5 years Cox will have a storefront. Most likely used and in partnership with Carmax or even buying Carmax. 

mark rask

Chris has a good point about the increase in numbers  .......vdps should rise

Jamil The Carman

Autotrader has been a little bit worried about the strong competetion they have been facing by the smaller guys.If Autotrader wants to become the leader in this business again, they need to work on their SEO !!.If you search for any car in my area now ,Cargurus will come up first !.For all this money they have got they should spend a little bit more on their contents.

I am sure with this move they will get some juice online! 

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