Autotrader Trade In Marketplace - TIM

Steve Devereaux
Anyone out there using Autotrader's Trade In Marketplace? Is it working for you? What are your thoughts on it? How does it help? What could be improved? I hear they are trying to integrate it more closely with KBB… I think it will eventually take off, but I have never had direct experiencing using it. If you know anything, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share. Thank you!
mark rask
We have looked at it but have not tried it
Shannon Hammons
We tried it in 2013. We cancelled, but i'm not talking bad about it. I think depending on your location and market it can be a good thing. We liked a lot of the in house things, however when we became a buying center it didn't make business since for us. There are good things about the product. It can help get the trade objection handled before you pencil the deal.
Russ Chandler
I recently spoke to a Ford dealer who has stated they like what it has done for their process and how they use a trade tool. However, they seemed concerned about investing in a 3rd party brand. I'm curious if their is any other dealers concerned about promoting a 3rd party brand in front of their own? Their are some obvious benefits to some dealers but I'm curious to hear from those interested in alternatives.
Steve Devereaux
@Shannon… How exactly did you use the product as far as the in house features? Can you share specifically what you liked about those aspects and how you utilized it? @Russ I would think promoting it would be both good and bad… The good would be it's a 3rd part, so the customer is more likely to trust it.. As far as it being a 3rd party advertising, which could be bad if the customer leaves your website and goes to a competitors website or gets side tracked is kind of old school thinking… I'm not sure how the dealer was referring to it, but that could be a reason they may consider it bad...
Lauren Moses
I have looked into it but we never signed up. I think if your not a huge buying center it can be beneficial you just have to play it right. Problem for us was that in the long run the dealership is still the one writing the checks for the vehicles. If a customer puts in the information and it says "$15,750" and they bring it in and it's actually only work $10,000 then we are the bad guys. To me, it doesn't matter how many times they say "final price verified at dealership" customers still think that it means they will get $15750 for their vehicle.

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