AVV Dominion WebControl, Yahoo, and SPAM

Craig Waikem
Are any other AVV Webcontrol dealerships having the same problem we are? Every email we send to Yahoo email customers, go into their SPAM folder. We obviously share their server with many dealers. And these emails are not spam material, from simple auto-responders to newsletters. I have told AVV of the problem, and they have not resolved it over the past several weeks. Check you read receipts, and mystery shop yourself, but AVV emails go directly into Yahoo users spam account...
Craig Waikem
This was their first response Feb 3rd... This ticket has been closed. See below for additional details: Hi Craig, This is not on AVV side this is happening. I checked on Yahoo site and this is what they said about work emails that may go to spam. It sometimes happens. Just go into your spam box and check mark the items you want to keep. Click on the ‘Not spam’ button and they will be returned to your in box. This should keep those addresses going to your in box from now on, but to be sure to periodically check the spam box and do this again, if necessary. Ticket Information: Ticket #: 16027-100522
Craig Waikem
This was their second response after I provided more examples on Feb 10... The second thing, and much larger issue at hand, is the Yahoo Spam issue. Historically speaking, Yahoo is one provider that we have the biggest issue working with for one reason: Their spam filters largely are built on user feedback. In fact, here's an excerpt from their help documentation online: One of our strongest tools is our users' feedback, i.e. the messages users mark as "Spam" and "Not Spam." The simplest way for you to ensure your messages are delivered is to avoid looking like a spammer. Unfortunately, it is up to users at that point when they don't want to get emails anymore, to contact the dealership and asked to be removed from getting emails. Some customers, however, will take the shortcut and just mark the emails as spam. This gets logged into their database and could affect another customer trying to get your emails. It's unfair to your dealership since they initiated contact with you, but unfortunately it's the reality of the situation. The best way to combat this is making sure your customers that do find your email in the spam filter, and make sure they unmark your email as spam. We have taken steps in the past to work with Yahoo in making sure our email servers are setup to work as best as we can with them (mostly back when we migrated our servers to a new location and got new IP addresses). They do have forms and ways of contacting their company to ensure them that we are a legitimate business that is not sending unsolicited emails. I had my IT staff resubmit this form this morning just in case there is an expiration or they need to re-address our setup in their database. It might work, but our IT staff was skeptical because of the original point, their filters are heavily user driven. At any rate, I'm sorry for the length of information given. I didn't want you to think that we were simply rolling over on these two issues and weren't interested in a resolution, but there is only so much our staff can do. We continually work with email providers and make sure that we aren't on any blacklists, and we have a positive reputation with each and every major email provider (aol, yahoo, gmail, msn/hotmail). Normally, if our emails are on a blacklist, our emails are delayed or blocked, not just dropped in spam. Feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns with either of these two issues, or anything else you are experiencing problems with. Thanks, and have a good day, Nick Lusignolo
Craig Waikem
And their most recent response...THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING, BUT OFFER TO BUY THEIR NEXT SOFTWARE... Hi Craig, I'm sorry to hear that the emails are still making it into spam. We went through Yahoo's contact process again for bulk email senders to ensure we were on their whitelist and everything can be done on their emails, and our IP addresses are at a good reputation with Yahoo (and the other 'major' email providers). The underlying issue is their filters in general, as you know are user based. The next step really to combat the issue is to do a rewrite of our mail system to make sure that we aren't sending more emails to people who have marked us as spam, which ups that quotient in a big way. This rewrite will be possible for our new product, but we are not able to do so within current Web Control. I've got Waikem on the list of dealerships interested in the new Product as I know Ted and I have talked about it in the past, and hopefully we should be in testing on that within the next few months. At any rate, like I said unfortunately we have worked with Yahoo in the past and recently, we do have good reputation, but we will have a better handle of managing spam filter status once we have the new product in place.
Adam Ross
Hi Craig, Thanks for keeping us posted on this. As a recommended Certified WebControl consultant (but I am not employed by, nor am I expressing the opinion of, Dominion Enterprises), I feel your pain on this one. It's unfortunate that they can't resolve this, however I understand their position, and it appears to be an economic one; can they afford to continue to develop a piece of software that's going to be obsolete in 9 months? As a customer I would be frustrated as well and would be pushing to get on the new platform ASAP. As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I recommend using the issue as a reason to experiment with taking a newer, non-email based approach with Yahoo email address shoppers, using a combination of: a) Phone Calls - obviously! We still email for show, and phone for dough... b) Text Messaging - directly from your cell (if you have their cell #) c) Instant Messaging - You can use Yahoo Messenger to connect with them from a dealership-based Yahoo account d) Social Networking - set up a professional profile on Facebook (different from your personal one) and search for them on Twitter and Facebook - see if you can get these folks to interact! e) Targeted Direct Mail campaigns - isolate only the Yahoo users and send them a special mail piece quarterly These are just a few ideas. If you'd like to discuss further you can call me any time at (201) 448-7253. Sincerely, Adam Ross Managing Director Infinite Prospects, Inc. - Online Solutions for Car Dealerships http://www.infiniteprospects.com (201) 448-7253 Phone
Craig Waikem
Good advice Adam. I have my associates email from a different email account and send texts as well. The direct mail is a great idea. Thx for the input!

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