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Mike Fox
Pay Per Click Banner Advertising is among the most popular trend now a days. In the current optimization trend company is using banner advertising which is inexpensive as compared to other source of advertising and helps to target audience and thus get more potential customer to the site.
Aaron Schinke
That's a big question Greg! Do you know much about banner advertisements? There are a few different forms: General Display: Where you can target audiences with banner ads based on assumed interest / the type of sites they are visiting. These are more like billboards where you are going to see a lot of impressions but the CTR (click through rate) is going to be a bit lower. Retargeting / Remarketing: Using this method you can target customers that have actually visited your site. With a method like this you take the guess work out from targeting someone who is not in the market. There are a whole bunch of different targeting options in between the two I mentioned. At the end of the day you'll need to use a distribution network to facilitate this whole process. We utilize Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Adroll, and even some auto specific inventory tools. Do a little searching to see what others are using. I'd just warn to make sure whoever you choose isn't too 'dynamic'... things can get a little out of control without a human touch. Hope this helps!
Scott Zagurski
Straight banner advertising, general display = the devil. That is what I tell all of the media vendors who try to sell me this (and it is even worse on mobile). I am new to this industry but I have run millions of dollars in display advertising in my previous vertical. Banner ads can gain brand impressions, video ads on Youtube or Hulu (usually too expensive for minimum spend) can work well. Retargeting ads are the best at lead conversion and are truly the only banner ads worth buying online if you want to measure ROI.
Casey Copeland
Agree with Scott above. Remarkting/Retargeting banners tend to be best. If your really are interested in running a serious banner campaign don't sign up with an automotive vendor to do so. You need a proven interactive agency who focuses on creative and delivery to see real results, and they typically are not cheap campaigns.

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