Reid Richards
Accountability or the lack of. I keep running into all these dealerships that talk about being successful, but when it comes to being accountable for being successful everyone runs out the back door. Why is it that the Dealer Principle, GM, GSM's and Managers all run from accountability of holding others to do their jobs when it comes to growth? What is the magic words or questions I should be asking? Can someone help! Reid Richards Performance Coach BDC Strong
Michael Smith
Excellent question. When you find the answer let me know. In all seriousness everyone has to be on the same page, data has to be accurate and used correctly or sales are partially by luck and no one wants to depend on luck for long term success.
Chris K Leslie
It's because nobody wants to be wrong. Everyone wants to be a coach no one wants to be a player. Risk Aversion is the bias that plagues many that I've seen. Exactly to your point too. Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to reap the rewards. No one wants to make decisions. Because sometimes those decisions may be wrong. To me, failing is just learning a way NOT to do something. I think if you position the WINS of mistakes you might make headway.
Amanda Marsal
Here is the short answer. It's easier. Many of the managers I've run into were once salespeople and you know what path salespeople take, the path of least resistance. You can't do it from the outside. You have to have an advocate on the inside that has enough power in the store to continue to push the entire staff GM'S and GSM's included everyday ad nauseam. It's a tough job calling people out on their crap everyday. Sad part is most BDM'S don't have enough experience or respect in the store to have that type of effect. We have been using ProActive since July and have had consistent growth month over month. Still doesn't mean we are doing everything right, and floor control will be the death of me yet, but I get up everyday put on my boxing gloves and do it again. We sold the most our store ever has last month.
mark rask
a lot of managers don't want to rock the controversy
Roger Laughary
I agree with several of your comments. One of the challenges is that many managers build their own value and paycheck in finding others at fault instead of building them up and encouraging growth. They demean their employees for mistakes instead of teaching them why it happened and how to better the situation in the future, in order to build more stock in themselves. This hurts growth instead of planting the seed of growth and continuing to water it and give it sun. Negative management kills growth. Positive and encouraging management promotes growth and develops people and companies.

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