Bdc leads

Chad DeSelms
I am looking for places where i can get more leads to call for the BDC. Currently we are getting them from Revenue Radar(data mining) which includes lower APR, end of term, service not sold, sold not serviced, equity, over on miles on lease, end of lease, service contracts, cash, smart payment, our sold customers, bought elsewhere 3 years ago customers, special finance references on sold units, our website, auto trader, internet leads, declined service, bankruptcy mailer, equity connect, used,, and Any thoughts?
mark rask
We do well with pro max...they have a great roi
Grant Gooley
Google Adwords! Unless thats what you meant by "internet leads"....?
Chris K Leslie
What are you wanting to call them for?
Megan Barto
Are you looking in your own CRM with Revenue Radar or are you looking at conquest customers?
Jack Dietz
The big questions is not where to get more leads it is are you current leads converting? Because it seems you have a lot of lead sources coming in. Other places to look at are the Sub-prime lead providers depending on your dealership and like Grant said Google Adwords or even Ad-words express and lasting implementing SEO strategies to capture more organic leads which typically have the highest set to show to sold ratio's behind referral and be back customers. Does your BDC also do Sold and Unsold follow up for your dealership?

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