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Jon Berna
The right answer is both. It obviously depends on the customers position in the sales funnel as well as the message itself. If you are using free formats on a first quality response to a customer's initial inquiry for example, you could be presenting the dealership in a unprofessional manner. You also can't overdue it and distract the customer from the intended next step your message should present. The subsequent CRM automation and email templates should employ both styles of templates. If you can isolate two similar customer groups, you could use relatively the same message, one formatted, the other text and measure your results. By using 2 distinct phone tracking numbers and links with Google's UTM tracking tool you can track the variance between your emails. If your CRM can measure your deliverability and open rates you would have 4 ways to track. Another way is to measure how long it takes to get in direct contact (email response or phone call) from the leads you used each type of email. You should measure from the time the email was sent, to the time contact was made. The time of day is a factor here, so you can segment out emails that were sent on specific days or time periods say (5 pm or later). Ultimately you have to decide what is the goal your email is trying to accomplish, not to mentioned understand the upstream variables that impact it. Your sample size will have a large part in the creation of actionable data, so let your results collect for some time, then go back adjust and conduct another pilot.
Shelby Loth
Great advise! Thank you for responding.
Michael Bilson
You should check into a product called AVA. Her emails go out without any attachments, photo's, or hyperlinks to inventory. This allows the email to actually get to the customers in-box. Then, based on the customer reply response you can move forward and ensure you are following the customers lead. Customers realize when they receive a reply within seconds that its an auto-responder.
Mark Franklin
OvernightBDC has an incredible service that provides initial response to internet sales leads. Fully tailored to your needs you can have them respond 24/7 or just after hours, they also have "live people" read and respond to leads, which gives them the ability to address and acknowledge customer comments. The comments are where most auto responders and AI processes miss the mark, as most seasoned BDC/ISM/sales personnel know, "comments are cash".
Michael Bilson
Good point Mark and a good product. I would point out that the biggest profit leak at any dealership is simply not following up with sales leads until they are ready. So many dealers will send over 10 emails and 5 calls to a fresh lead within the first 72 hours....but at day 30, the customer has not heard from anyone in a week (with the exception of the auto-reply out of the CRM tool). Poor phone skills and lack of follow up should not happen and need not happen with the technology of today.
Earl Brown
I love vibrant emails. lots of html, images and a strong cta/offer. Only a certain percentage will ever open it so you need to make the content as effective as possible. It's usually a best practice to design your emails with an html and a plain text version and lets the end users email account figure which is prefers.

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