BDC Reporting

Chris K Leslie

What numbers do you measure to make sure that you are maximizing your BDC?

Derrick Woolfson

We use a couple of different types of reporting. The biggest component of reporting we use is set vs. sold per source & sub source. That is understanding how many appointments we're generating per lead source (dealer website, third party, & OEM). I then look at the sold rate new vs. used - reviewing how many appointments were set & sold new vs. used. As for numbers, we use 45% set w/ a 67% show for our standards. 

Michael Smith

Great question Chuck.

First I look for attempts (work being done)

Then I look at Contacts (are we reaching the customer)

Appointments (what are we doing at the moment of truth with the customer)

Shows (are we selling the dealership, and why to do business with us)

Once I have established my team is doing the above I look at the sources and make sure we are meeting minimum requirements.  Minimum goal is 40% appointment ratio to leads and minimum goal of 50% show (not real happy until it is north of 60%)

cody colvin

You are using a 45% show rate for every appointment that is set? and a 67% show rate? What is your teams overall close rate on appointment shows?


Looks like Derrick covered most of my feedback with the exception of outbound call & email tracking.  We factor in these two things with both tracking results and when goal setting. 

Leanne Knight

A true measure of BDC is not how many they sell but how many opportunities they create for the sales dept. In other words, the more appointments they make that show up the more sales opportunities you will have. I measure my BDC by the number of leads they have vs. the number appointments they made that showed. We currently have a 70% avg. show rate and of those 55% buy.

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