Best Dealer Facebook Pages

Shawn Ryder
As we know lots of dealers are using Facebook for promoting business community and more to their "likes" on FB. Can we share some examples of dealers doing a great job? I know a few that share way too much - getting off topic but looking for strong examples of engagement and involvement.
Amanda Waggoner
This is an interesting topic. We are a small town dealership, so FB is crucial to our marketing. We post a pic of the customer next to their vehicle with the salesman's name. Usually, the salesman will share that post on their personal page. We also try to be involved in the community as much as possible with charities and school organizations. Those pics go on our fb as well. Currently, we are pushing for more customer reviews. We have noticed a huge increase of shares and likes when we run contests- such as a weekend getaway at a cabin ($100 give-away that people go nuts over!)
Jamil The Carman
Check out my Facebook page :) @Shawn Geneva Motors .
Shawn Ryder
Thanks for the feedback so far - interesting thoughts on the contests, thinking of proposing that idea to some dealers to drum up some interest - but as usually dealers need to know that the investment in the $100 will turn in to says and not simply exposure.
mark rask
Check out allen turner hyundai! We have some fun contests that we do with charities occasionally as well
Patrick Nash
For an example of lots of engagement that translates to ROI, check out Kendall Jeep's FB page.

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