Best Mobile Advertising Product for Dealers

Frank Piechota
What does everyone use for their mobile advertising initiatives if at all, and how much do you typically pay per cpm, cpc, etc?
Gin Park
A few questions to stir the conversation pot: When using adwords, what is your impression share / exact match impression share by device? - keep this in consideration After you have identified your impression share / exact match impression share by device, should we be considering our conversion KPIs and current geo-targeting? If I have robust re-targeting, network advertising campaigns through relevant media channels, where else could I be advertising? - consider your typical big-name / local vehicle aggregators, also consider mobile apps that are popular in your area that allow for access to those pools of customers. Not to mention the usual big names: instagram, facebook, youtube, etc. Is my advertising effectively targeting people who are potentially relevant out-of-market and potentially relevant in-market customers? Should I take into consideration how people are accessing my website business? - Absolutely, if 40% of your potential customers are accessing your web business from a desktop, and 52.7% are accessing your web business from a mobile phone, and 8.3% of your potential customers are accessing your web business from a tablet. That starts to tell a story about your local market and geo-demographics. Lastly, if i know how people are viewing my business by device & display, what are the conversion rates, KPIs, and ROI points that help me effectively manage a dynamic budget in today's fast-paced digital marketing landscape? budget allocations based on conversion metrics based on device/display data. Food for thought, just some questions i had.

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