Best Praactices for more dealership reviews

Shannon Hammons
I don't know why, but my guys won't ask for reviews. I have tried to offer them the "moon" just to ask, and get reviews. Need help or ideas from you guys. Thanks!!!
Markley Choto
Subscribe to DealerRater and add your salespeople with photos and biographies- get them excited about using their profiles as selling to and leverage their DealerRater pages on your website and in email signatures. You can set it up where all the salespeople receive copies of all the reviews your company receives and this may drive a little competition. Ask all your clients, service and sales to write reviews. I use a 1 min survey to ask them if they were completely satisfied and if they were, they are served a link to share their comments online on specific sites where we need the review boost. You don't want to ask unhappy people to write reviews because they will gladly.
mark rask
We have the managers really push reviews. We also occasionally will spiff them for the previous weeks reviews. We don't announce when we are going to do this
Krista Failey
I send out a "questionnaire" to each sold customer asking how their experience was. If they reply happy, I tell them, "the greatest compliment you can provide *salesperson* is an online user review..." then provide them links to various review sites. My GM always says, an unhappy customer is more likely to go out of their way to leave a review than the happy customer. Happy customers need to be nudged to leave a review, and we need to make it convenient for them.
Ryan Leslie
Shannon, are you headed to Digital Dealer in May? Megan Barto from Ciocca and I are delivering a session on this exact topic. The title is Motivation by Reputation and focuses on the employee's responsibility and potential reward for being active in the review collection process. We've collected some success stories to share from her stores as well as others. If not pm or call me and I'll be happy to share with you offline. I don't want to spoil the session. Ryan - 781.697.3562
Shannon Hammons
Ryan, I'm not. I always go to the fall one in Vegas. I have to choose one Digital Dealer each year, so that is the one that I do. The session sounds like a great one though.

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