Best Practices : Holding Gross on Internet Customers

Gio Alex

Whats the best practices to hold gross on internet customers?

Don't give them e-prices?

Chris K Leslie

Defend your pricing. You win some you lose some. 

AJ Ibrahim

From my experience it is to answer quickly and address their questions and needs. To many people jump to the same crappy responses "when can you come in?" " have you driven it yet?" and the other 6 emails they get will all say the same junk.

Answer their questions and be the first to reply. Is it about trade? Financing? If they ask you for "your best price" then just give it to them! Even if its a little higher than others you will have earned their respect FIRST and they didn't have to fight you for the answer.

Guess what can happen? They let YOU know the best price they got and they give you the final shot at the business. Now we can ask them to come in, send them a picture of one in stock to come see it in person, up-sell why your dealership is the place to be etc.... They respect you.

Mathew Thomas

Today's 21'st century customer knows how to get a bargain deal.  Let's face it.  They are most likely going to be low gross deals "on the vehicles you have quoted them on already".  There are great opportunities for gross profit once they come to the dealership.  In fact, you don't have to do much!  They will come in and see other vehicles at your dealership, different than the one they inquired about.  A lot of times, they create their own high gross opportunity.  Customers say they are married to the car "they want", until they see something else they like at the dealership.  In your sales presentation, you have to submerge their mind into the vehicle...create scenarios....word well as selling the dealership and yourself.  Or, even if they end up with the car they inquired about, exactly as they wanted it, there are many upsell opportunities to make gross on towards the end of the process. 

@Mathew Thomas: LOVE this answer.

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