Best website platform for Salespeople?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy All!

What are some really good website platforms that you or salespeople you know have used to brand themselves? Also with the ability to link inventory to it and possibly create lead forms?




Victoria Dillabough

Hi Drew, are you meaning social spaces? Or do you mean each salespeople building their own websites/landing pages? 

Drew Bettiol

Hi Victoria, one of my salespeople at my Buick GMC Cadillac store asked me about building a website for him to have so he can promote it and generate customers to it so he can get more leads for himself rather than depend on the dealership's round robin process.

Bart Wilson

Wordpress?  I am a fan of a plugin called Thrive that makes it easy to craft pages. 

Drew Bettiol

@Bart do you think the page should just be about the salesperson and not have any inventory on it? because if a link to the inventory from the dealership were to be placed on that salesperson's site, then they won't be getting credit for the lead when a form is filled out. It's a tricky situation

Bart Wilson

@Drew, I would make it salesperson-focused, but still link to the inventory.  I know if may make a mess for attribution, but if you look at it from a customer point of view, they are going to want to be able to check out both, and it needs to be seamless.

I may be off here.  What does everyone else think?

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