bidding on your name

Mark Rask

Is it a good practice to bid on your company name 

Chris K Leslie

Not if your OEM or LMA is going to do it for you already. 

Scott B

It's stupid. 3rd parties do this all the time to drive up clicks and lower overall CPC.

David Bowman

It depends if other companies are bidding for your branded should never let another company outbid you on your branded keywords if you can help it, especially if you have worked hard to build a solid brand.

Bryan E

I typically advocate for dealers to include their company name in their SEM campaigns for a few reasons. First, I want to ensure that users who are looking for my client, have a search results page dominated by my dealer.  If you aren't covering your name, but the competitor down the road is, that high intent user is now possibly getting an advertisement about a great deal/payments by your competitor. Additionally, a lot of dealers will run campaigns where they will broad match on branded search terms. If your dealership name includes the brand, then you run the risk of someone searching for your name, and again, seeing your competitors ads before they see your geo, organic, or Google My Business listings. And lastly, it's the cheapest CPC in your campaign, most of my clients spend under 25 cents a click, so a fraction of their budget is going to ensure they are showing up for the highest intent searches.

That's just my view on things, I'm curious to hear other opinions!

Carl Maeda

We do not buy a dealer's name unless:

  • Requested by the dealer (common if the dealer has bad reviews.  The ads would push the review site further down)
  • Competitors are buying the dealer's name

Bryan is right, the CPC is cheap on your own name but I have seen campaigns spend 50 to 60% of their budgets on their own name.

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