Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Aimee Rogers

This year is going to be interesting with retailers doing their Black Friday Sales Online.  An issue a lot of us are facing is low inventory levels.  Is there anything that you are doing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?   

Historically for us, Black Friday is about the same as any Friday, but the Saturday after Black Friday is pretty busy.

Randi DeSantis

We used to be a lot busier. It is now more like a Saturday for business and Saturday is busy too. I try to not to do too much advertising for sales and events around the holidays- we always say we dont want to fight santa for people's attention. We usually save all of our additional ad dollars in December for the week after Christmas- when we tend to be SUPER busy. 

Bart Wilson

The week after Christmas is always a good one!


Aimee Rogers

Oh yeah!!  The week after Christmas is always insane here!  We usually do a big family event here ( Santa, Arts and Crafts, Free pictures), but we can't do that this year.  We are doing all digital advertising this year.  

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