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Jim Lease
We've noticed that since changed their photo display a few months ago, all of our vehicle photos show up blurry on the AutoTrader website. I double-checked the photos that I was sending to them and was confident that the issue was on their end. We checked a few other dealers around our local area and compared the photos that they were posting and found the same result ... clear photos on the dealer websites and blurry duplicates on AutoTrader. We contacted our sales rep to let him know about the issue and since the time that we contacted him, he has of course left the company. We did receive a call back from Patrick Svoboda a few months ago about the problem and he said that when he looked at our vehicle photos on AutoTrader, he could plainly see that they were blurry. He was going to get in touch with the Inventory Department there about the problem, but he didn't make any promises. We were assigned a new sales rep (Matthew Martin) at the end of March and he asked if there was anything that he could do for us. I asked him to do what he could to get the blurry photo issue resolved. He sent this email to me on 3/29/11 -- "It was good talking to you today. Below is my contact information. I will look into your blurry photo issue and get back to you." We haven't heard back from him or Patrick since that time. This has to be annoying to shoppers -- the first time I noticed the problem, I thought perhaps I was in need of new glasses. Anyway, I was just wondering if dealers out there who advertise on A/ could help to make some noise since we all seem to be affected by this. For the money we spend annually for AutoTrader's services and for as big of a company as AutoTrader is, I would think that they could do a much better job of trying to resolve this issue.

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