Building a Facebook Fanbase

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone used the facebook ads to build a facebook network? What kind of results did you have with it? Any input would be great. Thanks!
Chelsea K
Steve, While the cost per click on Facebook ads is relatively cheap, when we tried this for several of our dealerships it did not show much to any ROI. You are able to target directly by interests, demographic, etc., but the percentage who lists cars or even a specific brand as an interest is very miniscule. Therefore, Facebook ads may be great for some branding purposes, but from what we saw with automotive clients, it wasn't very successful. Good luck with whatever you try! Chelsea POTRATZ
Jared Hamilton
To add a bit to what Chelsea is saying. I ran a facebook ad campaign for and was able to target exactly who we were looking for and it was VERY successful, but without being able to target your audience it would have been a waste. The CTR is very low, even with a targeted audience. I can only imagine what would happen without the targeting. However, because we were able to pinpoint based on location and employment exactly who we were looking for those that clicked through stayed for a very long time and were very engaged. I did not use it to build a fan base, but rather as an experiment to drive qualified traffic. For that it worked well. So in the end I would say that if you can pinpoint your audience it will be a success, but like Chelsea mentioned, for a dealership this can be very tough... and without that your money may be better spent elsewhere. I would add though that it is super cheap right now, and since you only pay for clicks you receive, you really cant go wrong playing around with a monthly budget of a few hundred bucks to test and learn.
Gary May
Steve, In order to possibly view the opportunity better, and to address what Chelsea brought up, you may want to take a step back. Most people that are engaged in Facebook around dealers are your customers, industry/vendors, friend of fans and the like. Realize that many are enthusiasts of the brand(s) as well. As far as clicks in a broad sense it may miss expectations. Overall, and depending on what you're trying to achieve, Facebook ads can drive traffic, fans and real engagement. Not to pigeon-hole you, but most dealers are still trying to sell in social media, show that they can be the first to drive and track ROI/sales and to be the the big ant on the anthill. If you're not trying to do that, in the least, you just may come up with something that works. Facebook does offer some INCREDIBLE targeting opportunities as Jared wrote. One of our suggestions to dealers regularly is have a tie-in with a sponsor/partner/local business or something that gives it more "teeth" then do some paid ads on Facebook. One other piece of advice is just do it. Don't look to others dealers to drive what you might do. It's so new (relatively) and so untouched that you may cut your own path in the forest. And you might just end up be surprised... Best regards, Gary May IM@CS
David Johnson
As Gary said there are a lot of dealers that are still trying to sell with social media, and while that's the end goal its not a direct sell like auto dealers are used to. I like to use it to build a fan base but in order for that to work you have to already have some sort of engagement going on so that when people click through they will WANT to become fans. What I would recommend for something like this would be to use the app StaticFBML to create an interactive page for the non fans that click through. This page could have a graphic that gives reason why they should become a fan or better yet a video. Be sure though that when you do this you are already engaging your other fans, this will act as social proof and because they see all the coolness that is going on they will feel influenced to want to be part of it. Quote from Gary, "One other piece of advice is just do it. Don't look to others dealers to drive what you might do. It's so new (relatively) and so untouched that you may cut your own path in the forest. And you might just end up be surprised..." Nobody could have said it better, except maybe Nike, Just Do It!

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