Business FB Page/Links not working on android cells

Linda Loepker
Anyone have this problem? I have a post, linking to a page on our website. FREE GAS FRIDAYS POST - for android cell users, the error message is "There is a problem with the security certificate." Something like that. It works fine on IPhones. Our site is through CDK (Cobalt). Page is active on our mobile site. Rep says that it is an issue with the settings / privacy on Facebook. I have never had to adjust any settings for any posts in the past. Any suggestions? Has anyone come across this? Thanks!
Taylan Yu
Hi Linda, Have you tested the problem from multiple android phones? I read online sometimes security certificates can get screwed up if your phone or computer is showing the wrong date or time. Hopefully it's just one device!
Linda Loepker
Unfortunately, we've tried 5 different phones. On the iPhone, it does not convert to a mobile page - it's just the desktop version. Waiting to hear back on that.
Taylan Yu
Linda the link in your Facebook post is for a facebook URL I assume that you were trying to send traffic here: I have had trouble previously posting Facebook apps, but never a link to a site!
Linda Loepker
Seriously??? I have posted this I bet 20 times today! Ugh. Thanks :)
Linda Loepker
Changed that, still get the security error. I'm giving up for the day!

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