Business Intelligence

Adam Denault
I am looking for input on Business Intelligence platforms. I saw String Automotive's platform at Dealer Think Tank and it got me thinking about how to tie all the data together to give better insights on our customers. I want to see what else is being used or if you have built your own through Excel or Microsoft Power BI? Thanks for your input. Adam
Adam Ross
I haven't seen anything else out there that an also show you Polk, Experian and Dataium data overlaid to your area by ZIP code. I haven't even seen any other programs that show you where your sales came from on a map updated daily. I'm excited to hear what other top dealers are doing in this sector. Thanks for posting this, Adam!
Adam Denault
Adam - Thanks for your comments. Do you use String Automotive now? If so, thoughts?
Grant Gooley
Google is growing in this segment of business data. It's limited for now but I'm sure in time it will advance. Great question as this is such an interesting way to use data. Anyone else?
Adam Ross
Hi Adam, My company, Infinite Prospects, is a Partner with String on the DPS. I help my dealers analyze the results in the DPS dashboard with a monthly review call so that action can be taken based on real data. This service is provided at no additional cost to any dealers that sign up for the DPS through Infinite Prospects. So far, here are a couple of specific items we've used the DPS to measure: - We've been able to target specific towns or counties that need more SEO or SEM attention to boost website traffic from that location, - We've been able to target Conquest Opportunities by learning which competitive makes are capturing the customers that our dealers aren't. - We've learned which AdWords campaigns have the best CTRs and conversions. - We've learned where our clients gained (or lost) market share, BY ZIP code. - We've seen lease activity from your OEM over the last 12 months, plotted out on a map, BY ZIP code. This shows us where we need to advertise more lease offers vs. financing. The primary dashboard shows you, from a 50,000-foot view, if your phone, lead and website traffic are trending upward or downward, as well as your new and used car sales.
Cathy Nesbit
I use String's DPS system. The information I get from the DPS has allowed me to optimize in ways I never knew were possible. Just to collect the amount of information the DPS delivers would be overly time consuming to begin with, and there's the fact that most dealerships don't have anyone on staff who could correctly compile & measure the information (if we are being honest). I use to collect & measure & to some degree still do (because I'm an analytics freak & I can't help myself), but the time the DPS has given me back has been worth so much to me. The DPS goes way deeper, way way deeper than I ever could, even if I had all the time in the world. DPS measures everything. I believe I have only scratched the surface of what is possible with the information the DPS gives me, and I have been able to make changes and tweaks using this information that has been so valuable & made an absolutely positive difference in our digital advertising, our website traffic, the quality of the traffic & the leads from those traffic gains. I (obviously) am a BIG fan of String and the DPS.. and have I mentioned how awesome the staff is! And no I don't work there. :)

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