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Matthew J
I just took over at a smaller Honda dealer, they weren't doing much in the way of advertising and we need to generate some traffic. We have been tossing around the idea of a buy back mailer and I was hoping to get some feedback, hopefully from stores in smaller communities (we have approximately 30-40k population including surrounding communities). Which companies have you used, what kinds of mailers, and what kind of return are you seeing.
Shannon Hammons
Mailers have run their course. You need to get into internet marketing. We are a small town of around 15k with a county of 58k, and we are selling cars all of the country. If you depend on your local community to keep you in business you will not survive
Craig Waikem
Matthew, private message me and I will share with you some of our successfull direct mail campaigns.
Ben Kuscsik
Hey Matthew, I work for AutoAlert, and we're a database management tool. We provide a mail solution to our clients upon request. The results that my stores (Mid-Atl, small, medium, and large markets) experience are nothing less than incredible. The reason that dealers can have such a high level of success is because the mailings are truly targeted to the customers actual position in their loan. You have a group of opportunities in your database that are always in a position to replace their car with a new one and keep their payments about the same. You always have a select group of customers in your database whose warranty is about to expire, or contract end, or are over on their lease miles. You have customers that may not be eligible today to swap keys, but can tomorrow when incentives change right? A targeted mailer to those people with the correct message, at the right time drives more showroom traffic than any other type of mailer I've seen. Before I would throw down on a buyback mailer, I'd work your POL list at a minimum. You'll drive more traffic than the spend on the mailer. We recently participated in a mail project with American Honda where they tracked the responses across all stores in the project (30ish stores) v. all others, and the differences were easily definable. Stores that used a targeted mailer v. the balance that used any other type far outpaced the group. I'm happy to have our people share the specific Honda results if you'd like them. Hope this was helpful. You can msg me if you need more info.
Tyler Windham
I am also a small store about 60k population within 30 mile radius. We do 3 staffed event sales a year with direct mail and they work great in our market. I am wanting to supplement in between sales with some type of smaller scale direct mail campaign. I have thought about the buyback mailer like you are talking about. Any ideas on mail companies would be great.
Christopher Murray
Matthew, the desire to buy a solution can be overwhelming but, I am speaking from considerable experience here, take one small step at a time. First, begin with your own database. Are you blessed with email addresses or simply working from home addresses? Assume, since it is your first venture, that it is a healthy mix of both, say 50% of each, you will need to develop a "deployment schedule" and a follow up plan for each schedule. Mailers, stand alone, without any follow up plan are the weakest or most anemic form of marketing in our industry. Take an "old fashioned" mailer and couple it with a trained sales staff to follow it up with phone calls, setting appraisal appointments, etc... and you now have a truly dynamic marketing plan. You do not need to buy any lists, computer programs or expensive consultants to do this. I would offer my assistance but you know exactly what you need to do! Please, keep us all informed of your progress and results!!!!!

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