Buyer Personas

Kristen Tepper

Do you have buyer personas and profiles?

How do you use them to segment your marketing and train your employees on how to best interact with the specific profiles?


Bart Wilson

Great question.  These personas can be extremely valuable for marketing.  I haven't thought about using them to train employees.  Has anyone else?

Derrick Woolfson

@Kristen, one of the ways we approach this topic through training is offering that while you are always offering the same level of customer service, the way in which you offer the customer service varies. By that I mean, you have to be able to gauge the personality and compliment it. For example, some people know exactly what they want, and want to lead the conversation and are to the point. So if you were to force that customer down your sales process, it will not work. Or the other side of it where the customer does want you to lead them around, and you are short and to the point. So I think the most important aspect is mirroring their inflection and body language. 

Mark Grabowski

I normally hear one of two things upon the initial meet and greet; 1. "I want to talk to you about the XYZ model" or 2. "I want to see the XYZ model". When they want to talk, we sit and I listen. When they ask to see them, we go to the XYZ model(s) where I put sizzle on the steak, if you know what I mean. Either way, listen 80% of the time with thoughtful pauses in between. 

Mark Rask

this is intersting 

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