Buyers Paying $4,000 Front End Profit

Brandon Lewis

I need your feedback. If a company is able to bring you 40 to 50 no-haggle buyers at $4,000 front end profit, would most dealers be willing to pay 50% of the front end profit to that company?

Of course a percentage will go to the salesman, and the dealership keeps the rest.


Brandon Lewis

Chris, I mean if the dealer feels 50% is fair for bringing $4k gross deals. The thing itself is irrelevant to the percentage.

Chris K Leslie

I guess.. 

Clint Jones

WTF are you even talking about?

Brandon...this is like playing the guessing game with a 4 year old.

NO, I wouldn't split 50/50 with you on a $4,000 gross.  My Average Gross is higher than $2,000 now.  I would go 65/35 with you.

Clint Jones

Will 65/35 work for you?  Maybe I can throw in some Celebrity unlaundered undergarments to sweeten the deal up!


Brandon Lewis

Guessing game? What the heck are you talking about?

My question is whether or not 50/50 is a fair split. The gift I'm providing buyers is irrelevant to the question. Only mentioned it to explain "how" I will get some many people to pay $4000 gross.


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