Call center software

Robert Bader
I'm looking for some type of call center software that integrates with our phone systems. Basically I'm trying to figure out a good method to ensure everyone in our BDC gets a fair shot and answering phone ups. The best way I know to do this is to have all the phones ring at once. My IT guy tells me this is not possible unless we have some special type of call center software that will enable said capability. Are any of you familiar with this?
mark rask
we have a bdc ....not sure of the software for this....I am interested in seeing what you come up with
Shannon Hammons
We don't have a software, but all of our phones ring. The phone company here set it up in the room. Everyone has an extension but when a call comes in all of the phones ring.
Tony Wood
Being in Alabama I'm not sure how beneficial this info will be for you. However, we use a service called Commworld out of KC. Our phones have individual extensions, but our BDC is divided into Sales/Service specialists and our reception is able to filter to the Service side or the Sales side and depending on the type of call those specialists phones group ring.
Scott Hill
We are not using any software for it , but our voip phone systems denver at service provider has set up a connection for it .
Grant Gooley
I would suggest speaking with the phone company you are using now. You will be surprised what they may have to offer. It might not be cheap though ....

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