Call to Actions, But No Action?

Derrick Woolfson

When you look at a VDP, there tends to be several CTA's on the page. My question is, if the CTA is not getting any conversion - at all - then why do we continue to clutter the page with a CTA that is not working? Why don't we take the time to review the CTA? If the CTA is chat then why don't we take a minute and speak with our vendors that are involved? i.e. are the sales consultants using it (or those with a BDC)? 

As we know, less is more. Do you get rid of CTA's on your VDP's that do not have any conversion? 

John Goll

I wouldn't necessarily say we get rid of low-performing CTA's. 

Recently, we've increased the size/visibility of the "click to call" buttons on the mobile sites of a few of our clients and we have seen a 25% increase YOY in calls from that CTA.

I definitely agree you should be looking at your site and optimizing where you can. If something is not working or getting the results you want, look at the underlying reason first, before just scrapping it. 

Mark Rask

Cta's are so important

Steven Anderson

Mb there is something wrong with your site or idk. Cta is a must I believe

Derrick Woolfson

Steven, I agree CTA's are a must. What I was saying in my post was that you do not need several CTA's. Less is more. I cannot tell you how many dealers have CTA's on their site that block the VDP or worse, interrupt the customer's experience. 

Arthur Bratton

Does everyone/anyone A/B test their CTAs?  If yes, what software do you use for the testing?

Also, are your CTAs the same or different for mobile vs desktop?

I feel like a lot of vendors talk about testing various CTAs but I don't feel like they do a good job of reporting the test results to the Dealers.

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