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josh pogue


Hey everyone, 

The team at the Weins Auto Group have been working to clean up our citations and have quickly found that this is a beast of a project. It seems  to have little to do with how tek savy you are and more about how good you are at finding support numbers and dealing with shady listings sites that list bad/inaccurate information, and hold you ransom until you pay them for "priority listings" 

Right now, we are dealing with, our listings for all of our stores here a huge mess, but they won't clean anything up unless we pay them $40 per month per rooftop for those "priority listings". 

Just wondering if anyone has bothered spending the money with these guys to get their citations right, or is this one to avoid? Also wondering if I can ask them to just de-list all of our dealerships since many of the listings have the addresses or phone numbers wrong. 

Below is a list of what we are cleaning up for our stores. 

Google - Yellow Pages - Industry Canada - 411 - Yelp - Facebook - Bing Places - Web Local - Gold Book - N49 - HotFrog - iBegin - Mapquest - Brownbook - four sqaure 


Dan Ferguson

I second the nomination to have Yext manage your listings/citations...takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

mark rask

yext it is 

josh pogue

Unfortunately, yext in Canada is through a similar product ran by yellow pages, who are trouble enough to deal with in regards to their own citations.Our yellow page listings are pretty well cleaned up now, but it  took months and dozens of phone calls and emails. 

More frustrating, who I was mostly looking for insight on are a subsidiary of yellow pages.




George Zinn


Paul Rushing

$40 per month to fix a very vital aspect of your dealerships online presense is nothing. If that is to much for your dealer to pay for then I would be looking for somewhere else to work. will give you the most bang for the buck but then again it is not free. If free it has to be then you have a long row to hoe...

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