Car Dealer Gets Blasted by Stiffing Pizza Driver Over $7 Tip

Skutch Henks
So this car dealer posted a video on Youtube about a pizza delivery guy being a jerk, and it backfired horribly. Social justice is real, their Yelp and Google ratings have plummeted overnight with thousands of people giving them 1 star reviews, plus their site is unreachable and phones are overloaded too. Read about it: Here's the video: What would you do if this was your dealership?
Keith Wilkerson
I'd fire at least 3 people in that video if I were the owner. They almost have to shut down and re-open under a different name, now.
Derek Moore
Only thing to do now, in my opinion, is to cut your losses and close up shop, rename the business and move locations. Might even need to move out of the city just to distance yourself as much as possible with the old business. Obviously, new website, social media, etc. Terrible situation to be in, but they brought it entirely on themselves and I think they deserve it. Not only does it hurt them, but will end up tarnishing used car dealers as a whole.
Linda Loepker
I feel like their actions reflect badly on the entire industry. How incredibly rude.
Tony Taylor
We had something similar happen. A pizza delivery driver bashed someone here about their tip, and went on our page and bashed us about it. One call to the restaurant fixed it. That was not smart on their part at all.
What an embarrassment to the automotive community. Seems they have closed phone lines, disabled their URL and Facebook accounts. The only thing associated with this business that is flourishing is their abysmal rating on Yelp!. I would imagine they will be re-opening with a different name and possibly location, the backlash probably is just too bad to bounce back from. To Answer the question of What would you do if this was your dealership, a genuine re-branding needs to take place that goes far beyond changing a domain name or DBA and phone number/Facebook presence. There is huge opportunity to turn this into a PR field day that works in the stores favor by showcasing the dealership with fresh talented professionals who put people first. If they market it well the increased activity would likely cause a domino effect of people to stream into the place to check it out and see if this organization is any different than what we have all seen. A complete dismantle of the entire organization or at least everyone that was in that room for sure. It would certainly be an uphill battle. I'd love to be involved with it though!

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