Car makers to sell directly to consumers?

Bob Parrish

Just read about Tesla and their direct to consumer sales program and how it has expanded into 20 states.  Are other car makers far behind?  On a lot of levels it makes sense for the manufacturer, but spells disaster for the traditional franchise store and the support they give their local communities.

Do consumers even care?

Linda Loepker

I know they say this is the future - and maybe it is. 

We have so many people stop back in with questions on their Bluetooth, MyLink, etc.  I cannot imagine NOT having somewhere for customers to stop by and ask questions.

Personally, I hope this doesn't happen.  I love good customer service!  And to me, that's a relationship.  Take my Scentsy rep for example - she is amazing.  She knows me, she knows what I like, what my daughter is allergic to, etc.  I will pay extra for that kind of service.

If customers take delivery from the manufacturer, will prices go down?

Chris K Leslie

But Linda, Does your Scenty rep really need to be from Scentsy? She seems like a person who values what she does and probably would offer the same type of personality and care if she wasn't at Scentsy. 

So if you could still get the same kinds of questions answered but it be a different place does it matter? For example, if you have problems with you iPhone. A lot of times you could take it back to your carrier to help troubleshoot which I am sure most people do before going to an Apple store. 

mark rask

I hope this doesnt go this way........driverless cars throw another

kink in to this

Patrick Halleen

Do you think the manufactures are really ready to put forth the cash it takes to stock all of these vehicles? If we know one thing, the new generation wants things NOW. They dont want to put in an order for a vehicle they havent seen, then wait 6 weeks for it to be delivered. What about facilities? the factory has it easy now, they say build a 5 million dollar facility, we say okay! are they really going to want to put forth all of the cash it takes to build these multi million dollar facilities?

In my opinion dealers arent going anywhere. 

Chris K Leslie

I could see the use of massive warehouses across the country. Kind of like how Amazon has theirs. It all comes down to logistics and knowing what sells where and when. 

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