Car sales

Kaylee Pendergrass

Have your sales increased or decreased from last year? How can you improve?

Mark Rask

We have gone up slightly at Hyundai but a lot at chevy

Curt Campeau

LOVE this question! In my experience, dealers that improve every year make a conscious effort to become management driven as opposed to market driven. Of course your current markets success or lack there of will have an impact on your overall sales, but it doesn't have to be drastic swings. 

- Demand more from your salespeople. (referrals, repeats, working service drive, lease returns, etc..)

- Constantly train your sales people, whether it's JVTN sales training, one-on-one management sales training or product training, in their down time, they should be calling for referrals and training. 

- Market more efficiently. I mean, let's face it. What percentage of your marketing budget is waisted every month? 40%, 50%, 60%, more? Do you know which half is waisted? If you market your store efficiently, you can drastically decrease budget while gaining volume or keep same budget and grow even more exponentially. 


Curt Campeau

*Wasted, not Waisted* :)

Kaylee Pendergrass

Thats awesome Mark!

Roger Kalinowski

Curt, I couldn't agree more.  Motivation for success has to come from the top and they have to do everything to lead the rest of the troops otherwise, resources and money get wasted.   Many of these avenues lack strategy, implementation, and most importantly sustainability from a structured plan.  I have spoken with many in the industry and they are willing to try something but never want want to grind and carry out some of the basics that can bring in money with limited budget.  


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