Carfax vs. Autocheck

Shawn Clos
After reviewing expenses and continually looking for ways to become a little leaner and meaner. I came across an interesting opportunity to that presented itself. We currently are signed up with CarFax and have no complaints. Now on the other side of the coin Autocheck is half the price and really provides relatively the same information. I would really appreciate your feedback and opinions on these two companies.
Russ Chandler
We have used Autocheck for at least 3 years now and have had no issues internally or with customers. Rarely we come across a vehicle that will show something major like frame damage on the Autocheck but not a Carfax. We simply pull the carfax manually to cross reference the issue on the Autocheck and if it differs we offer both reports to the customer. It is MUCH cheaper and Autocheck is far less money. Again if a customer wants to see a Carfax specifically we just pull one for them, but this rarely ever happens. Most customers are perfectly content with seeing a report from Autocheck. Hands down if you are trying to cut overhead I would go with Autocheck.
Shawn Clos
Russ, Thank you very much for your information. I believe that we will be switching to Autocheck. Thanks again!!
Craig Waikem
100% agree
Jeremy Alicandri
If it wasn't for the fact that my OEM requires CarFax, I would dump them. They are a complete rip-off. We pay $1500/month for a service that is inferior to Autocheck - only because we are required to.

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