CarFox is coming!

Heather Salillas
The huge 25ft inflatable CarFox will be at our dealership for four days at the end of the month. Can anyone offer any suggestions on ways to market the event with little to no budget? Customer traffic has been light and I want to try to get the most out of the visit. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! ;)
Shawn Ryder
Have you looked at customers you have in your database that drive older model vehicles? Contact them with an email and setup a landing page to collect some information about how their driving habits may have changed (family grown, new job, etc), ask some questions and engage them to visit at the end of the month (or before).
Lauren Moses
Heather, Get a list of your vehicles (used of course) that have carfax reports on them already. Get with who ever does your pricing and get them to put a special sale price on those. Get hang tags and write the cost. We have a local sign shop that comes out and paints on the windows for us. It's usually pretty inexpensive. Lots of facebook hype even before the event. Maybe get a picture of it and then zoom in on one piece that is recognizable but you can't tell what it is. Do a guess the picture and win a gift card of $25. The customer has to come in to pick it up. It will boost your social media and get people to see that you have a sale going on.
Dustin Lyons
Contact your followers on Facebook and do a contest to see who can come up with the most creative way to share your event on their timelines. Then have a great prize for the winner. The average person has over 300 Facebook friends, if you only get 100 people to do it that is still 30,000 potential free (except for the prize) impressions. I will try to think of some more ideas for you when I have a more time to think...
Cody Jerry
Against Facebook and FTC regulations to have a contest that requires a share to win. A share represents an endorsement by that person, and it needs to be annotated that the person can be potentially compensated for that endorsement. Worst case scenario is a fine from FTC, and your Facebook page deleted. Realistic bad outcome would just be a slap on the hand. Most likely outcome would be nothing happens to you. I personally prefer not to play with fire, but that's up to you and your dealership. Sources: - Section E part 3
Dustin Lyons
Blasted gov't regulations interfering with business.... Thanks for the info cody, might have to rethink that idea, it was just off the top of my head..... I guess back to make a funny video that can be shared without hurting anyones feelings.

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