CarGururs ridicules pricing

Jamil "The Carman"

I got a call from a dealer friend of mine complaining about cargurus and how they are trying to increase his subscription fee from $2200 to $4800 a month ! .I understand that they deliver and they are a good platform but increasing it this much makes no sense .I called CarGurus and asked them what's going on and it seems like they are going on AutoTrader's direction 7 years ago "You can't afford it you don't need it" BAD!.However,I told the rep let's meet in the middle and make it happen at $3500 he said let me go back to my supervisor and see what I can do .Today I got a call and he is countering at $3650 I was like are you kidding me ? it's ridicules how this company has changed and don't care about their customers anymore  .Anyone experiencing this with them ?What are your feedback ? 

Mark Rask

and it begins......I can remember several years ago when car gurus was slamming the dealars

John  Swanson

I haven't heard of this yet on my end, but we dropped a while back for ridiculous prices. If they keep this up it won't be long before these third party sites are obsolete. Spend some time on search engine campaigns, highly targeted social media campaigns, developing a great website that bumps your company up the organic rankings and mobile presence and the car shoppers will find you. 

Steve Momot

I won't mention our business because that's not what this forum is for, but we are working on another option, and I don't mean "Amazon for cars", I mean just something better.

I think the root, the very root, of the problem is that the people at the top of these tech companies are way too far removed from the actual sale of a car if they have ever even personally sold one at all. Not that that's a qualifier, but it likely is what leads to price increases while front-end margins are at record lows for dealers.

I just think the industry can do better, and that's why we are doing what we are doing.

Jamil "The Carman"

@Steve excited to see what you are building because taking advantage of dealers gotta stop!

Chris K Leslie

The sad part about all of this though is that even if all the dealers stopped using these 3rd parties. All the oems would still pay them and send them our inventory feeds. You can never truly get away.

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