Cargurus and Carvana

Suzanne  Laine

If you haven’t already heard, Cargurus started what my rep calls a “test pilot” program in September with Carvana.  Now when a shopper searches for a specific make and model--if there are less than 40 results within that search range/zip code-- listings from any of Carvana’s locations around the nation will populate the results.

We’re in a small town 30 miles from the nearest city so this could affect our visibility to local shoppers greatly.

Wondering what others think about this.

Chris K Leslie

I can only imagine it getting worse unfortunately. 

Boruch Gelfand

Someone need to file a class action lawsuit

Suzanne  Laine

Carvana is not having a good day today:

Tracy Gell

This blew up seriously in their face at NADA they had client dealers & managers screaming at them at the booth about this stuff and defrauding their got heated and ugly fast from what I've heard. Check this out:

Morgan Hardy

Does this apply to dealers who only get free leads from cargurus, dealers that pay for them, or both?

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