CarGurus- Hiding their pricing

Jennifer Jones

What do you pay for your CarGurus listing? And what package do you have and about how many vehicles in inventory? 

I'm a Business Consultant and Analyst. I called CarGurus and wanted to get some information unrelated to their pricing. But after looking at 4 separate contracts for one dealer with 4 locations, the pricing differences didn't make sense for each locations volume of inventory. So I called and wouldn't tell them what dealer I was working for and was inquiring to potentially set this dealer up on thier site. The first sales person I spoke with wouldn't quote any pricing and was just at a loss of words with my simple questions around the subject. He told me they use an algorithm in the computer and he didn't know the pricing structure. I asked what it is based on, and I was told how many cars are in the dealers inventory. So I said ok, can you tell me how much it would be for 100. And then he really acted strange and wanted to question me more than answer my questions. I've already found a few price gouging vendors in the industry since I started consulting with an automotive dealership.

I'm gathering data as I research some of the automotive industry vendors and will share my reports when I'm done, along with a case study from my current client who I've already upgraded their website and many tools, as well as lowered their spend drastically on several vendors. Also, feel free to comment about any other vendors that you have experienced to not be very transparent in their pricing or just seemed to be ripping dealers off a bit. In an industry that is the most transparent, I find it odd when so many are secretive about their pricing, don't you?

mark rask

2400.....pensacola fl

Clint Jones

Jennifer, I admire your desire to figure this out.  

From what I have been told, their pricing is more about population base than it is inventory size.  If you are in a metro market with 100 units in inventory, you may pay 5X what the same inventory will cost in a rural market.

I believe that once you are signed up with them, they then base their price increases on the number of leads that they provide.

I personally believe that Car Gurus is one of the companies that does not have a pricing structure.  They are in the Negotiation business.  They increase subscription rates until they get right on the edge of diminishing return.  When dealers threaten to cancel then they offer them a deal. 

Jamil The Carman

I totally agree with @Clint but no for the 5k for 100 cars .They are very good negotiators but with the one who is despreate they would you put him make few phone calls and compare prices between few other dealers before you call them .Anyone on here can help you @Jennifer :) 

Good Luck

mark rask

5k for that many cars is way too much

Clint Jones

It isn't $5K!!  I said 5X!!!  5 Times as much.  Metro NY may pay 5X what Rural Wyoming pays to list the same inventory.

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