CarGurus' Sell/Trade and Value feature steers shoppers to Carvana?

Dan Sayer

Maybe this has been running for a while? I feel like I was cheated on! I've stood up for CG in this forum when they were accused of scraping the interwebs for everyone's inventory but this is starting to feel like I'm picking the wrong horse. If you click on the Sell/Trade tab on CG and start filling out the form, by the time you get half-way through a Carvana invite interrupts your screen. Carvana is also making the cash offer if a customer makes their way through the Car Values section and selects Get a Firm Offer pop-up on the right (delayed, desktop). This was pointed out to my owner by a dealer in his 20Group from Kansas today. I'm torn because CG is one of my top performing referrers and lead providers. Is this a hill that I die on? We are ramping up our acquisition efforts and one of our markets has a Carvana tower just minutes away. Thoughts?


Morgan Hardy

They should have let dealerships know that this "test" would be happening. Especially the dealers that are in a contract with them. 

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