CarGurus unethical price gouging hurting our dealership

Omniah Grace

Why is CarGurus able to discriminate against dealers that do well on their site by charging exorbitant rates? We are a tiny 4 person dealership operating in a 400sq foot office space with a small lot with average 40 cars in inventory and more in the summer when we are lucky. Cargurus says we are performing well and want to go from around $2,000 per month to $5,000 per month. This is a struggle we face with them yearly, they keep trying to increase the price per month. What recourse do we have as dealers to fight against this?


Mark Rask

They just hit us as well 

Chris K Leslie

I've been going through this same thing with TrueCar. 

Will Burke

Chris - 
The one thing I can at least say about TrueCar is that they are attempting to more or less back in to an average cost per sale (as accurately as they can at least). 

Not saying it's right or wrong, but that is their method. 

There will always be situations in which attribution is a good question (situations in which you've been working a lead for 2 weeks and then they send in a TrueCar lead), and they'll almost always lean the data in their favor. 

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