and Auto Trader, Get Rid of One?

Shannon Hammons
Sounds like he is willing to lose sales. Both sites attract a different type of customers. They have different clientel based on the region as well. We use both and sale cars all ove the country. My opinion you need both to continue to grow.
Dennis Galbraith
Jackie, the research has always shown exactly what Shannon is saying to be correct. The overlap in audiences between and is roughly 25% and has been for many years. Even there, it would be a stretch to say you would still get that 25% if you dropped one. The point is that 25% is the maximum level of cannibalization. Each program needs to pencil out on it's own merits, but if you drop one you will definitely feel it in the BDC and at the curb.
Jeremy Alicandri
For my dealership, in NY, we're doing MUCH better with If I had to choose one, I would choose Also, from my experience, has some of the best management in the industry.
Jared Hamilton
Another thing to think about here is how you are calculating ROI. It looks like you are keeping a tight eye on how many leads, and clicks each product is sending to your store. This a good, keep it up (many stores are not near this level of tracking.) That being said, there is MUCH more value each service is providing than just those that click through to your site, or email your store. In fact, there have been many studies that demonstrate that leads are a very small portion of the value you are getting from these services. Im not suggesting your tracking is not good, as stated above, you are doing a great job with your tracking. But I am suggesting that and autotrader are having a much bigger impact on your dealership than just those metrics are showing. If your vehicles are prices well according to your market, you turn your inventory from the shop, have clean pictures and merchandise the inventory properly on and Autotrader, its HIGHLY likely your dealership is getting great overall brand lift. If you cancel, you probably will not feel the pinch overnight (these things tend not to operate like a light switch shutting off)... but overtime you would likely feel the pinch.
Jackie, I attended a webinar earlier today hosted by Brian Pasch where he actually went into calculating ROI for both AutoTrader and Cars - based on driving VIN views. In his real world examples he showed why you don't want to drop either of them - it was a great way to really look at the ROI of different marketing sources. To summarize what he demonstrated, he updated a Google Analytics report to show VIN views, then looked at different campaigns and how many VIN views they created to determine the cost per Vehicle Detail Page view (VDP). Cobalt released data showing that the more VIN views a vehicle gets, the faster it moves off your lot - he leveraged that data along with other recent industry data to create a very good (and supported) way of measuring ROI. In his real world example Cars and Autotrader where the lowest cost. There is also data showing that many Cars and Autotrader (I believe it was 40%) visitors don't click thru to your dealership - they go to Google and then to your dealership in a new tab on their browser. I'd recommend reaching out to Brian to see if you can get a link to his webinar - I think it'll be very helpful in making your decision.
Glenn Pasch
Jackie, here is the link to Brian's webinar. I agree with Jared and Dennis as well. Each have their merit and you need to look deeper to their influence on views to your inventory. Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions and we can help set up some of the tracking for you.

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