- Premier package

Linda Loepker
Anyone using this? Do you like it? Is it giving you results? Is it worth the money?
mark rask
we are on the base package only
James Altemus
Personal opinion? No. If you're going to be on Cars or Autotrader or any of these third party sites, it is more important to be competitively priced and have plenty of pictures than to be in any upper tier. When a buyer goes on these sites, I strongly believe they ignore the tiers and search by price and/or distance from them. We recently dropped from a solution with all the bells and whistles down to a base package and we haven't seen any difference in impressions or leads.
Grant Gooley
No in Canada. Sorry can't answer... But I do have a question. Is EVERY dealer on in the US? Is it a "must" for lead generation? Is there an erosion in leads from 3rd party listings like we've seen in Canada? Sorry don't want to steal the thread here, just got me curious.
Linda Loepker
@Grant: The number of leads has definitely declined over the years. However, it "seems" that consumers don't feel the "need" to contact a dealer before visiting the dealership. Or at least that's what we are told. I am trying to orchestrate a plan that brings people to our website. I feel the best leads SHOULD be coming from our site. @James: I am leaning toward cancelling. It's $900/month, plus a $300 used car special package that is 'required' to be on Premier. We get just under 5,000 impressions per month, and reports cannot tell me if anyone has even clicked on the banner. Very frustrating! We are paying over $4 per IMPRESSION, not even per CLICK. Can you imagine what my per click cost would be????? Thanks for the responses - appreciate them :)
Lauren Moses
Grant, I think Linda is right. From just the past year that I have been in the business I have seen a decrease in leads. I thinks customers do their research online then just come in once they have found the vehicle and dealership that they want to deal with. We see some decent traffic for our small little market but not a ton of leads, and not just on The best way really I think to battle this is to make sure that we are asking every customer no matter if the purchase or not where they found out about us and where they looked at the vehicle (unless they are regulars of course). @James, your right with the competitive prices. We have really been watching this and it never fails if we mark one of our vehicles down some, even just $500, it usually sells pretty quickly. People are doing their research and I am with you, I don't think the tiers matter so much. I for one automatically narrow down my searches as much as I can and then go from lowest to highest price.

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