Shannon Hammons
Check whatever company is supplying your inventory to your different websites. Alot of those companies will send your inventory to alot of sites that you have no idea about. That is where I would start. especially if you use homenet
James Klaus
Yes, check your inventory mgt tool like Shannon said. Also, your OEM may list your vehicles that you are not aware of.
Will Waddell
Sean Peoples
Hi George, Glad to hear that you connected with Jonathan today, hope we can be of service to you. To Will's point we don't have any relationship with, and there was never anything other than a partnership in the past. If anyone else out there has any questions or concerns about what we are doing, please feel free to reach out to us at (877) 565-3653, and we will do what we can to help. - Sean
George Lawler
Thanks so much.I am looking forward to getting going with you guys. I happen to like car gurus a lot. I have had customers in the past show up at the lot and told me that they saw our vehicles on your site. I have been getting a lot of leads that I promptly email back but get no response so I am happy to start getting phone numbers and direct emails. By the way when I saw your name I just cant remember where but at some point our paths crossed. Thanks Again George
James Klaus
Sean, give me a shout @ 406-587-1221 Thanks James

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