Ron Henson

I'm looking for insight on Carvana's vehicle photos on their site.  Does anyone know if they manage that in-house or if they are using a vendor?

Chris K Leslie

I'm pretty sure they manage that whole process in house. There is some info on their careers page video. Here is the direct link to it.


Will McGinnis

I won't pretend to know the answer but I invited Cullen Crane to join this conversation. 

Clint Jones

I have talked with Cullen in the past.

Carvana does in fact own that photo booth...$1,000,000+ worth of that photo booth.

The technology and equipment built into that thing is incredible.  

Ed Brooks

From the inside of the Carvana 'booth'... All I can say is, wow.

Read more here - Vending Machine for Cars? GTT’s Atlanta Crew Covers it

Mark Rask

They do it in house i beleive

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